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Masticina Akicta
30 July
Hey all, I am masticina akicta.

A draconic from europe but well also have a rather comfirmed case of vampirism. To be precise from holland, I made this LJ because well...I go where other therians go I guess. I hope one day to get european therians to meet eachother more easily and well for such I need to stand in the middle of such community.

Also I co-lead a magical community at http://www.cauldron-of-becoming.com. I am Vampire Church associate to by the way. Don't be daunted though, I am just a crazy little person trying to be nice. I guess to add to it also I am in certain way a pagan, a chao-pagan. I adhere to the path of chaos.

So that pretty much sums it up for now doesn't it. I hope to find other therians this way, even furries can be nice I guess, lolz. Anyhow I am serious about therianthropy and stuff so be warned, don't come to me with physical shifting!

Anyhow that is it I guess...

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Date Created:10-12-2005
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Masticina is a crazy therian/psi vampire. Known by friends to be just... totally crazy but at times is very usefull. Can act irregular at times.
Strengths: Happy, Crazy, keeps track on more stuff then humanly needed, advice is free
Weaknesses: Hates strict rules, hates unfair Intend, dislikes liars and cheaters
Special Skills: When shit breaks out always finding a place to help out
Weapons: Smile, Eyes, Mind
Adjustment: Chaotic

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